death penalty

Texas Halts Execution of Man Whose Trial Was Handled By Alleged Anti-Semite Judge

Bill Weld Just Went on TV and Suggested Trump Committed a Crime Punishable by Death

Jewish Death Row Inmate Bids for New Trial Because Judge Allegedly Called Him a ‘Godd*** K*ke’

SCOTUS Won’t Let Alabama Shroud Its Execution Methods in ‘Secrecy’

New Hampshire ‘Made History Today,’ Becoming 21st State to Leave the Death Penalty Behind

SCOTUS Just Stopped a Texas Execution, and It Looks a Lot Like It Prefers Buddhists Over Muslims

SCOTUS Ignores First Amendment, Allows Alabama to Force Muslim Man to Have Protestant Chaplain at Execution

Alabama Seems Hell-Bent on Imposing Christianity on Death Row Inmates

Music Superstar John Legend Joins Ohio Rally for Justice Reform

Accused NYC Terrorist Is Using Trump Tweets to Avoid the Death Penalty

Jury Recommends Death for Cincinnati Serial Killer Anthony Kirkland

Serial Killer Says He Won’t Give Excuses, Then Gives Excuses For Killing Spree

Ohio Jury Convicts Shawn Grate of Aggravated Murder, Kidnapping

The ‘Suitcase Killer’ Has Chilling Last Words Before Execution

Sessions ‘Strongly’ Encourages Death Penalty for Drug-Related Crimes, but He Could Have Trouble Getting It

For Some Conservatives, the Death Penalty is Another Big-Government Failure

Following Father’s Pleas, Governor Lifts Inmate’s Death Sentence Minutes Before Scheduled Execution

Child Rapist and Murderer Donald Smith Gets Death Penalty

School Massacre Defense Lawyer is Desperately Trying to Take Death Off the Table

Jury Finds Donald Smith Guilty After Only 15 Minutes in Abduction, Rape, and Murder of 8-Year-Old Girl

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