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Mosque Surveillance Case Stalled For Three Years at Court

Ten Women Who Changed Criminal Justice in 2018

PA Judge Accused of Being Too Tough on Sex Offenders Quits

Death Penalty Sought for Border Patrol Agent

Will Prison Reform Follow Kanye West-Trump Sitdown?

FBI May Expand Study of Mass Shooter Psychology

DOJ Arrests San Antonio Couple in Dark Web Drug Deals

FL Drugged Inmates ‘Walking Around Like Zombies’

Seattle Chief Fires 2 Cops Who Fired at Fleeing Car

Buffalo Lawsuit Charges Racial Discrimination at Traffic Stops

Alabama Officers Suspended Over Hate Symbol

Would Kavanaugh Move Court Rightward on Guns?

Rise in Juvenile Sexting Spurs Calls for New Strategies

Will a Shifting Supreme Court Change the Consensus on ‘Common-Sense’ Gun Laws?

Pentagon Goes on Offensive in Cyber Warfare

Will Trump’s DOJ Seize More Journalists’ Records?

NYC Will ‘Pay the Price’ of National Concealed Carry Law, Warns Vance

TX Prison Major Quits, Four Fired Over Phony Discipline

Mexican Drug Cartels, Officials Collude in ‘Crimes Against Humanity’: Report

Did Outdated Laws in Louisiana Help Convict an Innocent Man?

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