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Solitary Confinement Policies at ‘Tipping Point’ in U.S., say Reformers

Gang Violence Decline Credited With Drop in California Gun Deaths

Treat Women Prisoners with Dignity, Texas Report Says

Who’s at Fault When Police Kill Your Pet?

Domestic Abuse: Puerto Rico’s Women in Crisis

In Germany, It’s Hard to Find a Young Adult in Prison

Police Misconduct Records Denied, Public Remains in Dark: Study

An ‘Independent’ FBI Would Threaten US Civil Liberties: Paper

L.A. County Introduces ‘Lighter Touch’ for Juvenile Offenders

How iPads Changed One Police Force’s Response to the Mentally Ill

Trump Seeks Shutdown of New School Safety Studies

Rikers Island Activists Call for Bail Reform

FBI Now Withholding Huge Amounts of Crime Data Related to Arrests

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