Apparently Intoxicated Man Took Dump on Homeowner’s Porch, Spread Crap Everywhere (VIDEO)

Colorado Asks SCOTUS to Resolve Dispute That Could Have Serious Consequences for the Electoral College

Student: Colorado School Shooting Suspect ‘Always Joked’ About Mass Shootings

‘Complete Chaos’: Truck Driver Under Arrest After 4 Killed in Horrific Rush Hour Crash in Denver

Colorado Police Arrest Murder Suspect 5 Months After Stripper Was Found Dead in Motel Bathroom

Friend Reveals Why She’s Not Shocked Chris Watts Was Arrested for Family’s Murder

‘You Fat Mexican B*tches!’: White Women Scream at Hispanic Family During Physical Encounter (VIDEO)

Woman Accused of Shooting Husband in the Face ‘Saved His Life,’ Prosecutor Says

Teacher Allegedly Assaulted Student Who Wouldn’t Stand for Pledge of Allegiance

WATCH: Court Hears Arguments over What to Do with Frozen Embryos After Couple’s Divorce

Colorado Authorities were Warned About Gunman’s Mental State

School Lowered Student’s Grades, Refused Recommendations Because She’s Atheist, Lawsuit Says

Videos Show High School Cheerleaders Forced into Splits

Police Inspect Burglary Report to Find … Bear Playing the Piano? (WATCH)

Colorado Town’s Ban on Topless Women Put on Hold by Judge

Business Owner: Fired Employees Warned They Would ‘Pay a Price’ for Participating in ‘Day Without Immigrants’

Newspaper Plans to Sue Lawmaker Who Said They Ran ‘Fake News’

White Woman Allegedly Sexually-Assaulted During Hate Crime by Two Black Men

‘Faithless’ Clinton Elector in Colorado May Face Criminal Charges

School District to Allow Teachers to Bring Guns to School

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