Black Lives Matter

Police Execute Search Warrant on NC Woman for Listening to Malcolm X Speech

Injured Cop Can’t Sue Black Lives Matter, But Can Sue One of Its Organizers

Police Accused of Using Fake Social Media Account to Spy On Black Community Activists

Black Lives Matter Activist Films Nightmare Aftermath of Black Family Requesting Refund at the Movies (VIDEO)

Ashes of Woman Who Died in Police Custody Were Thrown in Police Chief’s Face, Cops Say

Police Lodge Vandalized and Spray Painted With ‘Black Lives Matter’

NYPD Cops Outraged After NYPD Official Tweets #BlackLivesMatter

Hey, GOP, ‘Law Enforcement’ Includes the FBI

Governor Proclaims ‘Stand For The Flag Super Bowl Sunday’

LAPD Forced To Release Long-Hidden Bodycam Footage Of Fatal Shooting

Prosecutor Declines To Charge Officer In Deaf Man’s Killing

Judge: St. Louis Police Can’t Spray Chemicals On Protesters

Philly Cops Say They Want To ‘Bitch Slap’ The City’s New District Attorney

‘White Lives Matter’ Rally Drowned Out By Protesters Playing Beyoncé Songs

Judge Tosses Deputy’s Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter

Fears Grow FBI Using New ‘Black Identity Extremist’ Classification as Guise to Profile

Utah Police Appear to Shoot Unarmed Man in the Back (VIDEO)

Judge Intends To Dismiss Second Suit Against Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down ACLU Freedom of Speech Event (WATCH)

Judge: Black Lives Matter Can’t Be Sued

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