Andrew Weissmann

Top Mueller Lieutenant: It’s Really Telling That Trump Didn’t Deny Quid Pro Quo in Letter to Pelosi

Robert Mueller’s Top Lieutenant Believes Trump Committed Federal Crimes While in Office

Here’s What Could Actually Be Going on with Michael Flynn’s Legal Team Shake-Up

Top Prosecutor Leaving Robert Mueller’s Office, Adding to Speculation That Probe Is Ending

Robert Mueller Completely Dismantles Paul Manafort’s Best Arguments for a Reduced Sentence

‘His Criminal Actions Were Bold’: Manafort Sentencing Memo Details Vast Array of Felonies and Lies

Here’s the Real Reason Robert Mueller Thinks Paul Manafort Lied To Prosecutors

Mueller Barred From Presenting Tons of Evidence Against Manafort in Upcoming D.C. Case

Bannon Reveals The Real Way He Think Feds Will ‘F*ck Trump’

Trump’s Legal Team Wants New Special Counsel To Investigate Robert Mueller

Could This ‘Anti-Trump’ Message From Mueller Team Member be Used to Prove Bias?

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