Amy Berman Jackson

Roger Stone’s Trial Judge Shuts Down Motion for Acquittal

Roger Stone’s Attorney Said Steve Bannon May Testify at Criminal Trial

Judge Denies Roger Stone’s Attempt to Suppress Evidence, Says He Didn’t ‘Come Close’ to Getting There

Judge Rules Roger Stone ‘Has Not Identified Any Legal Grounds’ to Dismiss Indictment

Prosecutors Accuse Roger Stone of Violating Gag Order. He ‘Could Be Headed to Jail.’

‘They Gave It to a Prosecutor’: Latest Arguments From Roger Stone’s Lawyers Appear to Fall Flat in Court

Stone’s Attorneys Respond to Judge: Sorry We Gave You the Wrong Idea About the Book

No-Nonsense Judge Pummels Roger Stone as ‘Motion to Clarify’ Gag Order Falls Very, Very Flat

Defense Attorneys Repeatedly Go After Robert Mueller for Calling Manafort a ‘Brazen’ Criminal

Roger Stone Admits He Made ‘Stupid Error’ with Judge-Crosshairs Instagram Post, Gets Seriously Muzzled Anyway

Roger Stone’s Lawyers Formally Apologize for Instagram Photo of Federal Judge Next to Crosshairs

‘Random’ Photo of Judge That Was Posted on Stone’s Instagram Can Easily Be Found on Pro-Russian Sites

‘This. Is. Not. Okay’: Legal Experts Say Roger Stone’s Judge-Crosshairs Stunt Could Land Him Behind Bars

Roger Stone’s Instagram Account Shares Image of Judge Next to Crosshairs (PHOTO)

After a Stern Warning Against ‘Book Tour’ Antics, Federal Judge Gags Roger Stone and His Lawyers

Roger Stone Really Doesn’t Want Manafort Judge to Preside Over His Case (Also His Middle Name Isn’t Jason)

Manafort’s Attorneys Just Cut-and-Pasted an Argument They’ve Already Lost

Manafort’s Lawyers Are Trying to Use Judge’s Words to Get Him the Hell Out of DC

Judge Scoffs at Manafort’s Doctor Letter Suggesting House Arrest Endangers His Health

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