american airlines

Woman Attacks Boyfriend for ‘Looking at Other Women,’ Stuns Fellow Passengers (WATCH)

‘This Cannot Be Happening’: Flight Attendants’ Union Wants American Airlines to Investigate ‘Sexist’ Skit (VIDEO)

‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Us’: Parents, Child Booted From American Airlines Flight Over Alleged ‘Body Odor’

Words Cannot Describe This Alleged Groper Apparently Unfazed by Getting Tased (WATCH)

American Airlines Let All of Their Pilots Take Christmas Week Off. Yep. Every. Single. One.

Airline Defendants to Pay $95 Million in 9/11 Settlement

Dr. Dao’s Attorney Moves Sights from United to American Airlines over Stroller Fight

Passengers Confront Flight Attendant Who Allegedly Hit Woman with Stroller (Video)

175 Pound Man Kicked Off Plane Because of Weight

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