Adam Schiff

This Is the Former Federal Prosecutor Doing the Questioning for House Dems in Public Impeachment Hearings

Rep. Adam Schiff Appears to Tip Hand on Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump

Top 5 Takeaways from House Democrats’ Impeachment Resolution Against President Trump

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz Kicked Out of Fiona Hill Deposition

Trump’s Threat to Schiff and Pelosi: Impeach Them (Can’t Happen), Sue Them (Even Though It’s Frivolous)

Reports Now Say Trey Gowdy Will Help Trump Fight Impeachment in Some Capacity (Update)

Rep. Schiff Says DNI Wouldn’t Turn over Whistleblower Complaint Because of ‘Higher Authority’

House Intel Committee Turns Up the Heat, ‘Commands’ Michael Flynn to Comply with Subpoena

‘Time Is Running Out’: House Dems Hope to Reach Mueller Subpoena Decision This Week

House Democrats Subpoena ‘Critical Witnesses’ Michael Flynn and Rick Gates

Schiff Ramps it Up, Threatens to Subpoena FBI on Russian Election Interference

Michael Cohen: Jay Sekulow Knew I Was Lying to Congress About the Moscow Project

House Democrats Are Investigating Trump Family Lawyers

Adam Schiff Wants to Amend the Constitution to Overturn Citizens United. Here’s What That Means.

House Democrats Are Going After Donald Trump’s Phone Records

Dems Want to Talk to NRA Lawyer Who Had Concerns About Group’s Ties with Russian, Report Says

Adam Schiff Might Have Released Classified Information in Attempt to Rebut Nunes Memo

Schiff’s Fit About Altered Nunes Memo is a Legal Nothingburger

GOP Rep. Wants Obama Admin Officials Thrown in Jail Over Nunes Memo

Top Dem Senator Admits Fusion GPS Dossier Hasn’t Been Verified

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