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WATCH LIVE: Mauricio Damian-Guerrero, accused of hiding in an OnlyFans user’s home and recording her while she slept, faces trial


The trial of a man accused of breaking into the home of an OnlyFans user and taking videos of her while she slept naked is underway.

Police say Mauricio Damian-Guerrero, 20, drove almost 400 miles from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire where the victim, a woman identified in court documents as R.N., was staying with her mother. He allegedly took videos of R.N. while she slept naked, at times apparently manually lifting the bottom portion of the woman’s sheets.

He is believed to have been hiding in R.N.’s attic, as she told police that when she searched the attic, she found food, headphones, and cups filled with urine. He had also allegedly placed a tracking device among R.N.’s possessions with the intention to track her movements.

He reportedly told police that he believed R.N. “wanted a man to be obsessed with and stalk her.”

Damien-Guerrero met his apparent target on OnlyFans, a social media platform on which users share content with “fans” who pay subscription fees. The content is oftentimes, but not always, sexual in nature. It is not uncommon for these “fans” to also purchase gifts for the users, and R.N. reportedly told police that she had given Damian-Guerrero her previous address because he wanted to buy her a new television and fireplace.

She said she had no intention to meet him in person.

Damian-Guerrero is charged with four counts of residential burglary. His case is before a 12-person jury in New Hampshire and he faces up to seven years behind bars on each count.

Law&Crime’s Jerry Lambe contributed to this story.

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