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Welcome to Our New Site

law newz facebook profile ABC News chief legal analyst and attorney, Dan Abrams, launched on Tuesday — the only website to offer real-time legal analysis on the day’s top stories.

“This is a site a longtime in the making after all my entire professional career has been focused on covering high-profile cases,” Abrams said.

“There is always a legal angle to all the biggest stories of the day. From politics to terrorism to entertainment, our team of lawyers and journalists will offer you smart legal analysis on a daily basis,” he said.

The website will also livestream big court cases, offer play-by-play updates on high-profile criminal trials and bring you the very latest on celebrities who find themselves in legal trouble.

Abrams explains why he launched the website in the video below.



Abrams is also the founder of several other websites including,,, and

  1. Mediaite
  2. The Mary Sue
  3. RunwayRiot
  4. Law & Crime
  5. Gossip Cop
  6. AmboTV