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‘We Spy Coffee & More’ employee hid camera in men’s restroom to record victims he found ‘attractive,’ police say

Spyridon Voulgarakis hid a camera in a men's restroom at "We Spy Coffee & More," police said. (Mugshot: Tarpon Springs Police Department)

Spyridon Voulgarakis hid a camera in a men’s restroom at “We Spy Coffee & More,” police said. (Mugshot: Tarpon Springs Police Department)

Officers claim that a coffee shop employee hid a camera in a men’s restroom to record victims. Now authorities are seeking out anyone who has been to ‘We Spy Coffee & More’ in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and used the male restroom there since Feb. 13.

Local cops said they arrested defendant Spyridon Voulgarakis, 31, on Saturday for battery and video voyeurism, according to a press release and arrest affidavit.

“The victim was a customer of ‘We Spy Coffee & More’ located at 505 Dodecanese Boulevard,” police wrote. “While using the male restroom at the business, the victim discovered he was being video recorded by a camera placed underneath the sink.”

This person described finding a phone that was facing the toilet and recording, officers said.

“The victim advised the phone captured him using the bathroom,” police wrote.

The person gave over the phone, which showed him using the restroom, cops said.

Voulgarakis admitted to police that he put the camera there and recorded the victim and others using that restroom, according to documents.

“Post Miranda, the def [sic] advised he placed his phone in the bathroom, under the sink, to record men he found attractive,” authorities said. “The def advised he knew it was illegal to record people using the bathroom.”

Voulgarakis allegedly admitted he recorded approximately 10 people using that restroom.

“I reviewed the video and I observed that the def surreptitiously recorded the victim in a private bathroom which captured his genitals for the purpose of self-gratification,” an officer wrote.

The investigation continues with cops looking for anyone who used the male restroom at “We Spy Coffee & More” since Feb. 13. They promised that they will keep victim identities confidential under Marsy’s law.

“If you’ve been to “We Spy Coffee & More” since February 13th, 2023, and used the male restroom and feel you may be a victim please contact Det. J. Melton at 727.938.2849,” they wrote. “Case TS23-6590.”

“We Spy Coffee & More” did not immediately respond to a Law&Crime request for comment.

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