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Man who allegedly wore ‘blonde or red wig’ while kidnapping now-slain ex-girlfriend has been arrested

Jamere Miller, pictured left, kidnapped his ex-girlfriend Patrice Layota Wilson, according to cops. Wilson was later found shot to death. (Images: Detroit Police Department)

Jamere Miller, pictured left, kidnapped his ex-girlfriend Patrice Layota Wilson, according to cops. Wilson was later found shot to death. (Images: Detroit Police Department)

A Michigan man wanted for allegedly kidnapping his ex-girlfriend, who was later found shot to death, has now been arrested.

Jamere Miller, 36, surrendered Sunday afternoon while under the pressure of the investigation, Detroit Police Chief James E. White announced Monday. The lawman also acknowledged that another woman, the mother of the defendant’s child, was long missing in a separate case.

Cops previously said that the victim, Patrice Layota Wilson, had finished an overnight nursing shift at Detroit Receiving Hospital on Saturday morning and was entering her car when Miller abducted her.

“Our suspect was last seen wearing a blonde wig, and he approached our victim as she was getting into her driver’s side of her vehicle,” a police spokeswoman said on Saturday.

White described it as a “blond or red wig” meant for Miller to hide his identity.

The suspect got into the vehicle, forcing Wilson over, and fled with her inside, police said.

The missing woman’s mother, Roslind Livingston, had voiced hope that Wilson would be saved in time for Mother’s Day. That was not to be. Wilson, the mother of a son, was found shot to death in Novi, Michigan.

“She was young and had her whole life ahead of her,” White said. “She was dedicated to serving and helping others as a nurse and putting others before herself.”

Wilson and Miller used to date, White said. After the break up, Miller engaged in “violence and persistence” to keep her in the relationship, though Wilson did what she could to stay away, he said. He described the defendant as having a significant criminal history, including domestic violence.

“We’re unpacking all of that now,” he said.

Officers did not immediately release charging information on Miller. White said the investigation is ongoing and they submitted the case to prosecutors for review.

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“I need the streets to talk,” Livingston said, according to WDIV before cops announced Miller’s arrest. “We need to find the person who killed Patrice, so she can have justice. It’s Mother’s Day, and she is not here to be with her son. Her son cannot hold her and say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ today. That bothers me.”

Citing the ongoing case, White declined to go into much detail about Wilson’s death. A reporter cited articles in which Wilson was found shot to death in a trunk. White voiced frustration with any source releasing such “granular’ information to the press, saying certain details should not be shared because it is only known to the suspect and its release compromises the case. He only confirmed that Wilson was found inside her car.

Another reporter brought up a link to another missing person case. The mother of Miller’s child, Bianca Chanel Green, was pregnant when she disappeared from Romulus, Michigan, on March 25, 2021. White acknowledged this link and said Detroit police were working with the agency investigating this case to see if there’s any help they can provide.

“No contact with relatives or anyone close,” NamUs said. “Left her son behind. May be suicidal, not likely to run away for long period of time. May have been in the area of Atlanta, GA in March of 2011.”

Bianca Chanel Green went missing in 2011. (Image: NamUs)

Bianca Chanel Green went missing in 2011. (Image: NamUs)

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