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Blood, blisters and boiling water: Woman accused of scalding sister’s boyfriend as he slept

Iyonn'a Spates mugshot from Seminole County Sheriffs Department

Iyonn’a Spates (Seminole County Sheriff’s Office)

A Sanford, Florida woman is accused of dousing her sister’s boyfriend with a pot of boiling water as he slept.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the alleged victim of 26-year-old Iyonn’a Spates severely burned on his neck as large blood clots fell from his nose and blisters rippled along his body.

The man, identified in Spates’ July 28 arrest report as Khalid Pittman, was purportedly asleep when the attack occurred at Spates’ sister’s home.

Spates’ sister, Dymond McCauley, informed police that she brought Pittman to her home that day while packing her bags for an upcoming move. McCauley said amid the preparations, she received a call from her mother asking her to check on Spates who was also at McCauley’s house at the time.

Spates, redacted arrest records indicate, may suffer from a history of mental illness.

McCauley said when she went to check on her sister, she appeared to be cooking since a pot of boiling water was on the stove. But within moments, after she turned her back on Spates and went into another room, screams rang out through the Seminole County home. When McCauley emerged from a laundry room and ran into her bedroom where Pittman was asleep, she told authorities she found Spates standing there, empty pot in hand as Pittman screamed and writhed in pain.

Spates allegedly “took a swing,” at her sister, police said, and the two entered into a physical altercation as Spates allegedly told her sister, “he has to go!”

Once the women separated, Spates ran into the kitchen, causing McCauley to think she was looking for another pot of scalding water to throw. Pittman and McCauley then fled the home and contacted police.

According to the police report, no prior incidents or bad relations were reported between Spates and Pittman. Pittman told law enforcement he had no idea why Spates poured water on him. Spates later told arresting officers she was “made uncomfortable” in the home by his very presence.

Authorities noted that Spates appeared to have a minor scratch and some bleeding on her right hand and that this was likely due to her scuffle with her sister. Spates’ mother, Queen Golatt, told police she was on the phone with her daughter shortly before the alleged battery occurred. Spates cut the call off abruptly, prompting Golatt to ask McCauley to check in on her.

Spates was charged with domestic violence battery and aggravated battery causing bodily harm or disability.

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