WATCH: Judge Explains What Men Do In ‘Man Caves’!

The judge in the Aaron Hernandez trial provided his own answer to a prosecutor’s question about what sort of stuff men do in man caves.

Watch the exchange for yourself.

Lead prosecutor Patrick M. Haggan was trying to ask Hernandez’s fiancee about a gun she found in their home.  She testified that she went downstairs and gave Hernandez a “look” to know that something was wrong.  The look occurred in Hernandez’s “man cave.”

Hernandez’s previous trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd revealed that Hernandez and Lloyd spent time in the “man cave” smoking pot and hanging out.

The exchange was a break from the Judge Jeffrey A. Locke’s usual by-the-book nature.  It’s possible the judge stepped in to prevent evidence from the first case from leaking into the second case.

Hernandez is currently on trial because prosecutors allege he murdered two men, Correia de Abreu and Safiro Teixeira Furtado, after a night out at a club in Boston.

Editor’s note:  this post was updated to explain the connection to evidence regarding the “man cave” in the Odin Lloyd murder trial.   

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