Man Settles Lawsuit Accusing Dunkin’ Donuts of Putting Fake Butter on Bagels

A Massachusetts man has settled a case against more than twenty Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants for putting fake butter on his bagels.

His attorney told the Boston Globe that the decision to file the suit was difficult.  “[W]e thought twice or three times” before filing, he told the Globe, but went on to argue that restaurants shouldn’t be representing that they’re selling one thing and then actually selling something else.  If someone orders butter, “they don’t want margarine or some . . . chemical substitute,” he told the Globe.

Dunkin’ Donuts told the newspaper that it uses butter substitute because it’s easier to spread than refrigerated butter.  The restaurant does not leave butter out at room temperature for food safety reasons, it said.

[image via Dunkin’ Donuts PR]

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