Robert Durst

Robert Durst Trial Is Going to Be Suspended Because of Coronavirus Outbreak, Report Says

Robert Durst Defense Moves for Mistrial, Says Prosecutor Qualifies as Witness

Robert Durst’s First Judge Says He Once Left a Severed Cat Head on Her Doorstep

Robert Durst on Trial for Murder of Friend Susan Berman

Robert Durst’s Lawyer Says Prosecutor’s Interview with Murder Defendant May Be Issue at Trial

Jurors Will Hear Evidence Robert Durst Made Wife Kathleen Durst Have an Abortion

Robert Durst Defense Hits Speed Bump in Lead-Up to Murder Trial

Watch: Robert Durst Pretrial Hearing in Alleged Murder of Friend Susan Berman

Robert Durst’s Defense Fails to Get Production Company Behind The Jinx Treated as Gov’t Agent

A Frail Robert Durst Appeared in Court Wearing ‘Fall Risk’ Bracelet

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