Markeith Loyd

Markeith Loyd Sentenced to Life in Prison for the Murder of Ex-Girlfriend Sade Dixon

Watch Live: Markeith Loyd Penalty Phase in Murder of Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Sade Dixon

Markeith Loyd Found Guilty of Murdering Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Sade Dixon

Self-Proclaimed ‘Victim’ Markeith Loyd Went on Rant After Jurors Left the Courtroom (VIDEO)

Markeith Loyd’s Testimony Is ‘Like Christmas on Columbus Day’ for Prosecutors, Trial Expert Says

Defense Lawyer Blames Media for Painting Accused Murderer Markeith Loyd as a ‘Monster’

Markeith Loyd Murder Trial in Death of Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Sade Dixon

Watch: Accused Double Murderer Markeith Loyd Motions Hearing

Watch: Markeith Loyd Hearing

WATCH: Murder Suspect Markeith Loyd in Court

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