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One Way Paul Manafort’s Plea Deal Helps President Trump Immediately

Outrage After GOP Limits Christine Blasey Ford Hearings to Only Two Witnesses

There are Some Pretty Bizarre (Telling?) Comments on Brett Kavanaugh’s High School Yearbook

Trump Lawyer Claims Sex Assault Accuser is Just Wants to ‘Harass’ President with Lawsuit

Some #FakeNews About Christine Blasey Ford’s Parents That Needs to be Debunked

Fmr Fed Prosecutor: Kavanaugh-Christine Ford Public Hearing Shaping Up to Be ‘Historic Watershed Moment’

Days After Manafort Cuts Deal, Mueller Suddenly Ready to Sentence Michael Flynn

Kavanaugh Is Lawyering Up: This Is the Woman Defending the Embattled SCOTUS Nominee

Orrin Hatch: ‘Honest’ Kavanaugh Says He Wasn’t Even at Party Where Alleged Attempted Assault Occurred

‘My Husband Was Improperly Prosecuted’: Bill Cosby’s Wife Makes ‘Desperate’ Attempt to Stop Judge

Erick Erickson Erupts Over Christine Ford Allegation: ‘They Are Interested in Killing Babies’

Fmr Senate Attorneys Blast Kavanaugh for ‘Pattern of Deceptive Answers’

That Time Brett Kavanaugh Was Asked What He Was Like in High School (VIDEO)

Kavanaugh Ready to Testify Under Oath Regarding ‘Completely False Allegation’ of Sex Assault

‘She’s Willing to Do Whatever It Takes’: Attorney Says Kavanaugh Accuser Ready to Testify Before Senate Committee

Newly Released Mueller Document Suggests Dem Power Broker Tony Podesta Misled Federal Investigators

Trump Court Brief Suggests the President May Subpoena 21 Women Who Have Accused Him of Sexual Assault

Obama’s Former White House Counsel Lawyers Up After Mueller Probe Referral

‘Completely Biased’; Dallas Area Defense Attorneys Slam Amber Guyger Arrest Document

City Council Passes Resolution Calling NFL Anthem Protests ‘Un-American’

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