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Pro-Trump Miss Michigan Winner Stripped of Title Over ‘Offensive’ Social Media Posts

Alan Dershowitz Doubles-Down on Attacks of Accuser’s Attorney — Goes Low

White Supremacists Sentenced for Charlottesville Violence

Federal Court Allows Strip Search of Female Inmates as Part of Cadet Training Exercise

Victim of Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp Charged for Alleged Domestic Violence

James Comey Chimes in with Questions He Would Ask Robert Mueller Ahead of Next Week’s Testimony

Legal Scholar: Trump Lawyers Just Made a ‘Radical’ Argument in Deutsche Bank Case

‘A Travesty of Justice’: Jussie Smollett’s Lawyers Call Out Judge Who Allowed Further Review of Case

Mueller Witness George Nader Faces New Charges in Child Porn Case, Won’t Be Bailed Out

‘It’s a Kind of Kidnapping’: Immigration Officers Detain U.S. Citizen Children at Chicago Airport

3 Officers, 1 Sgt. Fired Over ‘Demonstrable and Known Falsehoods’ in Laquan McDonald Case

Explosive News Report About Jeffrey Epstein Work Release Privileges Sparks Internal Investigation

It Seems Kellyanne Conway’s Husband No Longer Believes Trump-Hitler Comparison Is an Overreaction

Justice Elena Kagan: I Will Never Accept Supreme Court’s Gerrymandering Decision

‘Likely to Be Uncontrollable’: Top 10 Takeaways from Judge’s Order to Keep Jeffrey Epstein Jailed

Philadelphia Cops Suspended with ‘Intent to Dismiss’ for Hateful Social Media Content

Lori Loughlin Reportedly Believes She’ll Be ‘Exonerated’ and ‘Won’t Even Talk About’ Plea Deal

WH Security Officials: There Was ‘No Pressure’ From Trump Admin Over Security Clearance Process

Man Faces Murder Charge After Driving Off California Pier with Two Autistic Sons and Wife in Car

Prosecutors Reveal They Have ‘Effectively Concluded’ Campaign Finance Violation Inquiry

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