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Federal Court Struck Down GOP Poll Tax in Florida, Says It Violated Constitution

No. 3 Ranking Pentagon Official Who Undercut Trump’s Ukraine Corruption Concerns Resigns

Trump Confirms Blagojevich Commutation Was About Undoing ‘Another Comey and Gang Deal!’

DOJ Argument in Border Wall Case: Courts Should Never Resolve Disputes Between Congress and President

Lawyers File Motion to Get Chelsea Manning Out of Jail: Sanctions Have ‘Exceeded Their Lawful Scope’

Trump Has Now Granted Clemency to Three People Prosecuted by James Comey’s Pal

Everything You Need to Know About All of Trump’s Latest Pardons and Commutations

DOJ Suggests Giuliani’s Ukraine Dirt May Be Used in ‘Ongoing’ Cases

North Carolina Appeals Court Blocks Voter ID Law Ahead of 2020 Election

‘Serial Abuser of the Legal System’: Lawyers Dismiss Trump’s Mueller Lawsuit Threats as ‘Lies and Smears’

Jonathan Turley Defends His Friend William Barr: He’s Not a ‘Witless Trump Troll’

Trump to Commute Sentence of Celebrity Apprentice Contestant Who Tried to Sell Obama’s Senate Seat

Roger Stone Judge Completely Ignores Resignations, Trump Tweets During 10-Minute Conference Call

‘Will He Resign?’: Lawyers React After Trump Ignores Barr’s Plea to Stop Tweeting About Judges

Boy Scouts of America Files for Bankruptcy, Encourages Victims of Sexual Abuse to File Claims

Barr: Stop Tweeting About Judges. Trump on Twitter: The Judge Should Grant Roger Stone a New Trial.

‘He’s Just Shilling’: People Have Had Enough of John Bolton’s Empty Promises

Former DOJ Counterterrorism Prosecutor: Roger Stone Sentencing Controversy ‘Being Blown Out of Proportion’

Prosecutors Put Untrustworthy NYPD Officers on ‘Blacklist’ to Keep Them from Testifying

Former Federal Prosecutor Shreds Attorney General: DOJ Has a Virus, ‘Everything Barr Touches Dies’

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