R. Kelly’s Attorneys Cite Coronavirus in Newest Attempt to Get Him Out of Jail

UFC Champ Jon Jones Arrested for Alleged DWI, Negligent Use of a Firearm

Not Even a Global Pandemic Can Stop Lori Loughlin’s Trial

R. Kelly Faces Yet Another Criminal Indictment in Brooklyn Federal Court

Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran Says She Lost Almost $400,000 in Phishing Scheme

Steven Seagal Fined by SEC, Allegedly Didn’t Disclose He Was Paid for Cryptocurrency Promotion

Model Gigi Hadid Dismissed as Potential Harvey Weinstein Juror

Lori Loughlin Hired a Prison Consultant to Help Her Prepare ‘for the Worst,’ Report Says

Spokesman for Convicted Sexual Abuser Bill Cosby Releases ‘Slave’ Rant About Eddie Murphy

Lori Loughlin and Husband Claim Government Might Be Holding Back Exculpatory Evidence

E.T. Actor Henry Thomas Threatened to Get Cop Fired, and Tried to Fake Urine Sample: Police

Fox News Judicial Analyst: ‘Too Late’ for Lori Loughlin to Get Plea Deal That Doesn’t Include New Charges

Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman Charged After Allegedly Smacking Man at a Bar While Celebrating Birthday

Horror in Hope Ranch: ‘Tarzan’ Actor’s Wife Stabbed to Death by Son, Son Killed by Police

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Attorney Tries Out the Joe Biden Defense in Response to Forcible Groping, Sexual Abuse Charges

All According to Plan: Jane Fonda Gets Arrested Protesting Inaction on Climate Change

Jerry Seinfeld Gets the Last Laugh, Prevails in Federal Copyright Lawsuit

‘Clueless’ Actress Arrested in Florida

Shark Tank Star Hires Well-Known Defense Attorney Following Boat Crash That Killed 2

Shark Tank Star Admits to Being Involved In Fatal Boat Accident

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