Federal Judge Swayed by Argument R. Kelly Poses ‘Extreme Danger to Community,’ Denies Bail

This Ninth Circuit Judge Really Hated Game of Thrones Finale

Hollywood Stars to Perform Dramatic Reading of the Mueller Report

Estates of Tupac and Tom Petty Join Massive Lawsuit Over ‘Biggest Disaster in History of Music’

O.J. Simpson Is Joining Twitter, and People Are Freaking Out

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. Surrenders to NYPD, Says Video Will Show ‘What Really Happened’

Court Rules That Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is a Journalist

Rapper Meek Mill Granted New Hearing to Potentially Throw Out Conviction

A Handwritten Will Was Just Found Under Aretha Franklin’s Couch Cushion. What Happens Next?

Legal Expert: Wrongful Death Case Against Tiger Woods Has ‘a Lot of Merit’

Execs: Lori Loughlin Hopes She Can Salvage ‘Squeaky Clean Reputation’ Like Martha Stewart

Rapper Offset Wanted After Allegedly Smacking Phone Out of Fan’s Hand

Lori Loughlin Appears to Be Going All-in on Hope That ‘People Will Understand How Things Happened’

‘It’s Not Crazy’: Dan Abrams Explains Why Lori Loughlin May Want to ‘Roll the Dice’ with a Defense

‘No Bueno’: Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli’s Legal Nightmare Is Potentially ‘Devastating’ Now

NBA Coach Luke Walton Accused of Sexual Assault in New Lawsuit

Lawyers Are Doing Everything They Can to Keep the Media Out of Upcoming Weinstein Hearing

Felicity Huffman Might Not Have to Spend Anytime Behind Bars

Lori Loughlin’s Latest Defense: We ‘Feel Manipulated,’ Thought We Were ‘Breaking Rules, Not Laws’

‘Scheme to Destroy’: Bill Cosby Calls for AIG Boycott After They Settled Sexual Assault Case

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