Tom Cotton to Trump-Appointed ICIG: Your Testimony Was ‘Evasive to the Point of Being Insolent and Obstructive’

Lawyers Respond to Allegations of ‘Bias’: Whistleblower Has ‘Never Worked for or Advised a Political Candidate, Campaign, or Party’

Lawyers Say Trump Is Clearly ‘Trying to Retaliate Against’ Whistleblower, Which Would Violate Federal Law

Legal Experts Debunk Whistleblower Conspiracy Theory Trump Has Embraced

It Didn’t Take Long for Trump to Say Something That Was Immediately Interpreted as Witness Tampering

Acting DNI Denies Report That He Threatened to Resign if Forced to Stonewall Congress

NatSec Legal Expert: OLC Reasoning for Withholding Whistleblower Complaint Was ‘Remarkably Thin’

Top Senate Dem Demands to See Secret OLC Opinion Advising Trump Admin to Keep Whistleblower Complaint From Congress

‘It’s Not Fake News’: Legal Experts Erupt as Trump Dismisses Whistleblower Complaint

‘He Will Understand My Dilemma With the Corrupt’ DOJ: Whistleblower Seeks Pardon From Trump

It’s Now Clearer Than Ever That Snowden’s No Hero and Deserves No Pardon From Obama

Dems, Repubs on Intel Committee Tell Obama Not to Pardon ‘Criminal’ Edward Snowden

Whistleblowers Sue Chemical Companies Over Alleged Failure to Disclose Health Risks

Judge Wants Rahm Emanuel to Testify in Police Whistleblower Lawsuit

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