GOP Rep Calling Whistleblower a Liar Was Trump’s First Choice for Job of Withholding Whistleblower Complaint

Here’s Why the FBI Might Want to Interview the Ukraine Whistleblower

Whistleblower Advocates: Trump’s Harassment and Intimidation Violates Several Laws and Regulations

Law Student Files Nonsensical Lawsuit Against Facebook for Removing Posts Naming Alleged Whistleblower

GOP Smears Whistleblower Lawyer with Even More Misleading Version of ‘Coup Has Started’ Tweet

Former Federal Prosecutor Joe diGenova Compares Whistleblower to Abraham Lincoln’s Assassin

Trump Regrets Signing Whistleblower Protection Act That Has Nothing to Do with Ukraine Whistleblower

Law Professor’s Constitutional Defense of Trump Gets Dragged by Colleagues as ‘Embarrassingly Incorrect’

House Republicans Plan to Call Hunter Biden and the Whistleblower as Impeachment Witnesses

‘A Ton of Hate Mail and Death Threats’ Follow Trump’s Attack on Whistleblower’s Attorney

Whistleblower’s Lawyer Responds to Firestorm Over Past ‘Coup Has Started,’ ‘We Will Get Rid of Him’ Tweets

Whistleblower Advocates Demand Obstruction Probe, Suggest Don Jr. Should Be ‘Immediately Arrested’

Trump: Memo of Call with Zelensky Speaks for Itself. Also Trump: The Whistleblower Must Testify.

Whistleblower’s Attorney Says They’re Willing to Accept Written Questions from Republicans

Tom Cotton to Trump-Appointed ICIG: Your Testimony Was ‘Evasive to the Point of Being Insolent and Obstructive’

Lawyers Respond to Allegations of ‘Bias’: Whistleblower Has ‘Never Worked for or Advised a Political Candidate, Campaign, or Party’

Lawyers Say Trump Is Clearly ‘Trying to Retaliate Against’ Whistleblower, Which Would Violate Federal Law

Legal Experts Debunk Whistleblower Conspiracy Theory Trump Has Embraced

It Didn’t Take Long for Trump to Say Something That Was Immediately Interpreted as Witness Tampering

Acting DNI Denies Report That He Threatened to Resign if Forced to Stonewall Congress

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