University of Alabama Dean of Students Who Criticized Police and Systemic Racism in U.S. Is Out of a Job

Devin Nunes’s Attorney: ‘How Do We Know [Devin Nunes’] Cow and Mom Aren’t in Henrico?’

Devin Nunes Alleges ‘Fake Farmer’ Conspiracy Against Campaign

AG Barr Uses State Secrets Privilege to Combat Twitter Lawsuit, Pits National Security vs. First Amendment

A Tweet Is Now Apparently an Acceptable Way to Notify Someone of a Lawsuit

Rubio Posts Graphic Image of Gaddafi’s Murder in Apparent Threat to Maduro. Twitter Says it Didn’t Violate Their Terms of Service.

Feminist Writer Sues Twitter After She Tweets ‘Men Aren’t Women’ and Gets Banned

Someone Threatened NRA’s Dana Loesch’s Children with Murder and Apparently Twitter Thought it Was Fine

DOJ Fires Back: Of Course President Trump Can Block People on Twitter

Conservative Watchdog Head Claims He Was ‘Shadowbanned’ on Twitter After Trump Mentioned Him

President Trump to Appeal Court Ruling Barring Him from Blocking Twitter Users

‘No Government Official is Above the Law’: Judge Rules President Can’t Block People on Twitter

What Are These ‘UNREDACTED Documents’ That Trump is Talking About?

Twitter Calls Out GOP Senator for Tackling Pet Welfare but Not Gun Control

Federal Judge Demands Trump Clarify the Status of His Personal Twitter Account

‘Everyone Who Sucks D*** is a Liar?’: Stormy Daniels is Furiously Trolling Her Critics on Twitter

The Russians Apparently Infiltrated These #Hashtags and @Handles in the 2016 Election

Newspaper Cans Editor for Blasting Driver’s License Gender Options

Alt Right Troll Sues After Getting Kicked Off Twitter for Threatening to ‘Take Out’ BLM Activist

Twitter Still Hasn’t Pulled Wikileaks’ Link to Fire and Fury, Despite Clear Violation of Copyright Policy

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