Trump Wants Whistleblower’s Lawyer Sued ‘Maybe for Treason,’ Which Definitely Isn’t a Thing

Trump Floats Arresting Schiff for Treason — a Crime Punishable by Death, and a Crime That Didn’t Occur

Bill Weld Just Went on TV and Suggested Trump Committed a Crime Punishable by Death

Mnuchin Pretty Much Put Trump’s Investigation of Google ‘Treason’ to Rest

No, Andrew McCabe Did Not Commit Treason By Plotting to Remove Trump Using the Constitution

ABA Legal Fact Check: Here Is What ‘Treason’ Really Means Under U.S. Law

No, Trump Jr. Almost Certainly Didn’t Commit a Crime by Trying to Get Dirt from Russian Lawyer

Liberal Harvard Law Professor Apparently Doesn’t Even Know What Treason Is, But Teaches Our Future Judges

This Tweet Proves Trump is Constitutionally Clueless

Group Files FBI Complaint Against Roger Stone, Trump Campaign For Alleged Treason

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