travel ban

Muslim Advocates Call New Travel Ban ‘Cowardly and Reckless’ Effort to ‘Distract the Country,’ Sow Hate

Justice Anthony Kennedy (A Huge Coward Himself) Lectures Trump on Civility

Justice Roberts Upset His Travel Ban Ruling is Being Compared to Japanese Internment Decision

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban

Solicitor General Tells SCOTUS in Letter that He Messed Up When Saying Trump Praised Muslims

Justices Grill Both Sides with Extreme Hypotheticals in Travel Ban Arguments (LISTEN)

Temporary OK for Travel Ban Puts Focus on Wednesday Hearing

Supreme Court Allows Full Enforcement of Trump Travel Ban

Appeals Court Allows Partial Enforcement Of Trump Travel Ban

Day Before It’s Set to Go into Effect, Judge Screws With Trump Over His Travel Ban Again

Travel Ban Lawsuits Filed by Legal Center, Muslim Advocates

ACLU Is Fighting Trump’s Third Version of Travel Ban

Supreme Court Cancels Arguments in Travel Ban Case

Trump Replaces Travel Ban with New Restrictions

Trump Travel Ban Expires Sunday; New Ban May Vary by Country

Justices Allow Trump Administration Ban on Most Refugees

Trump Administration Appeals to Supreme Court on Refugee Ban

Appeals Court: Grandparents Not Part of Trump’s Travel Ban

Trump’s Travel Ban Headed Back To Court

New Docs Reveal Trump Admin Ordered Airport Staff to Snub Congressmen, Lawyers During Travel Ban

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