Advocates Lining Up to Sue Over Trump’s ‘Illegal’ Military Transgender Policy

Federal Judge Set to Hear Suit on School’s Gender Identity Locker Room Policy

Police: Denver Man Castrated Transgender Woman in Apartment

Texas Bill Could Bar Trans Student Athletes from Competing

What to Watch: Abbott Breathes New Life into Bathroom Bill

DOJ Drops Case Against North Carolina Over Transgender Bathroom Law

Supreme Court Clerk Totally Slaps Down Bathroom Bigots For Using ‘Her’

Trans Boy Wins Girls’ Wrestling Championship Amid Lawsuit to Suspend Him

Trump Administration Withdraws Obama Protections For Transgender Students

Leaked Draft Letter Shows Trump’s Plans to Revoke Obama Transgender Bathroom Rules

Trump Will Do Away With Obama Transgender Student Guidelines, Report Says

In Transgender Restroom Fight, Trump’s DOJ Sides With Bathroom Bigots

Trump Administration Signals They Won’t Enforce Obama Transgender Restroom Rules

Official: NCAA Will Boycott North Carolina for Years over Transgender Bathroom Law

Transgender Male Student Tries and Fails to Join College Sorority

Bill Would Stop Trans People from Changing Sex on Birth Certificates

Fed. Judge Blocks Obama-Backed Transgender Hospital Patient Protections Rules

8-Year-Old Ousted from Boy Scouts Because He Is Transgender: ‘How Dare They Judge Me?’

Bill Could Force Schools to out Transgender Kids to Abusive Parents, Critics Say

Mother Sues Her Own Transgender Daughter Who Got Hormone Treatment Without Consent

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