‘FUCT’ Wins in Supreme Court as Justices Strike Down Ban on ‘Immoral’ Trademarks

SCOTUS Refused to Say ‘FUCT,’ But Ruth Bader Ginsburg Didn’t Disappoint

Is ‘FUCT’ Too Scandalous to Trademark? SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments

Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Collusion’ Tweet Typo Leads to the Most Ridiculous Trademark Claim Ever

Rihanna Hits Her Dad With $75 Million Lawsuit Over Misuse of His Own Last Name

SCOTUS Will Hear Case Over Whether ‘FUCT’ Is Too Scandalous to Be Trademarked

Woman Accuses Beyonce of Trademark Fraud in Battle over ‘Blue Ivy’ Brand

Is This Legal? Ivanka Gets Chinese Trademarks Same Day She Dines With Chinese President

During Hearing, Justice Sotomayor Asks What If You Tried To Trademark ‘Trump is a Thief’?

Nike Tries to Lay the Smackdown on WWE’s ‘Just Bring It’ Trademark

Snoop Dogg Battling With NHL Team Over Logo of Marijuana Products

We Investigate if Budweiser Can Legally Just Change Its Name to ‘America’

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