Alabama Republican Defends Roy Moore: ‘Mary Was a Teenager and Joseph Was an Adult’

Is Louis CK About To Become The Next Harvey Weinstein?

DREAMers Take Control Of Senate Office Building (VIDEO)

Trump Voter Fraud Commission Sued for Keeping Their Own Member in the Dark

Rumors Swirl About Mueller Probe After 34 Sealed Cases Filed in D.C. Federal Court

OJ Simpson May Have Just Violated His Parole

WashPo: Woman Says Roy Moore Had Sexual Incident With Her When She Was 14

‘This Kinda Sucks’; Republican State Senator Fails Field Sobriety Test (VIDEO)

Alleged Weinstein Operative Accused of Impersonating Attorney to Obtain Victim’s Medical Records

Dan Abrams: Harvey Weinstein Should Be ‘Very Nervous’ Right Now

Florida City Attorney Fears He’ll Be Assassinated By Police

Federal Marshal Accused Of Having Sex With ‘Nine Different’ Women While On The Job

Judge Imposes Gag Order In Manafort, Gates Criminal Case

In Bid to Free Steven Avery, Attorney Kathleen Zellner Seems to be Omitting Some Key Facts

President Barack Obama Reports For Jury Duty

LAPD Investigating Corey Feldman’s Claim Of Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Harvard Law Prof: Boente Resignation Could Be Sign of Impending ‘Saturday Night Massacre’

Texas Gunman Once Fled Mental Health Center, Threatened Superiors

Are There Grounds to Impeach Trump? 1.2 Million Sign Petition Demanding Investigation

ANALYSIS: Mueller’s Prosecutions May Violate First Amendment Free Speech Rights

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