Back with a Bang: Utah Singles Are Finally Free to Fornicate

Teacher Arrested for Sex with Student Said She Was ‘Worth It,’ Deputies Say

Couple Caught Having Two Kinds Of Sex At Domino’s Pizza While Employees Watch (VIDEO)

New Orleans Cop Charged With Raping Intoxicated Woman

High School Teacher Grades Students As ‘Nerd’ and ‘Fruitcake’

State Ethics Rule Proposal Would Ban Sex Between Lawyers and Clients

Couple Busted Allegedly Having Sex in McDonald’s Parking Lot in Front of Six-Year-Old

270-lb Escort Allegedly Offered Sex Act for Nachos

Uber Driver Accused of Kidnapping Teen for ‘Quick Sex’

Democrat Mayor Arrested for Allegedly Attempting to Trade Meth for Group Sex

Prosecutor Fires Back About Controversial Plea Deal For Former College Student Accused of Two Rapes

Lawyer Disbarred for Reportedly Getting Intimate With Inmates

Case Dismissed Against Teacher Who Allegedly Slept With Student Then Married Her

Man Paid Prostitute With an Exotic Primate, Cops Say

Alabama Actually Has to Teach Their Teachers Not to Sleep With Students

Attorney Says Jail Guards Lied About Her Having Sex With Inmate

Lawsuit: Law Firm Manager Traded Sex for Legal Services

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