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Sarah Palin Seeks New York Times’ Advertising Revenue in Defamation Lawsuit

Court Shuts Down New York Times Request for Rehearing on Decision That Revived Sarah Palin Lawsuit

New York Times Lawyers: Court Erroneously Revived Sarah Palin’s Defamation Lawsuit

Despite Procedural Win, Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit Has a Snowball’s Chance

Sarah Palin Wins Appeal Reviving Defamation Lawsuit Against New York Times (UPDATED)

Sarah Palin’s Defamation Case Against NYTimes May Live On After Appellate Court Hearing

Could Sacha Baron Cohen’s Stunt with Sarah Palin Land Him in Jail?

Sarah Palin’s Son Tried to Ban the Media from Covering His Case, It Didn’t Work Out so Well

San Francisco Defends Sanctuary Status As Backlash Mounts

DISMISSED: Court Says Sarah Palin’s Libel Lawsuit Against New York Times ‘Fails’

Judge Zeroes in on Key Issue in Palin’s NY Times Lawsuit

NY Times Writer Ordered to Testify in Sarah Palin Defamation Lawsuit

‘Honest Mistake’: Here’s New York Times’ Defense Against Palin Lawsuit

Can Palin Win Libel Suit Against New York Times? You Betcha

Sarah Palin Slaps New York Times With Defamation Lawsuit After Editorial Linking Her to Mass Shooting

Sarah Palin Is Talking to Lawyers over New York Times Article; Here’s How Her Case Would Look

How Tweeting an Iconic 9/11 Photo Could Get John McCain in Legal Trouble

Sarah Palin’s Son Arrested on Weapons, Domestic Violence Charges

No Sarah Palin: ‘Illegal’ Immigrants Aren’t Treated Better Under the Law

Video: Watch Sarah Palin Endorse Donald Trump

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