Robert Kraft

Judge Rejects Florida Prosecutors’ Attempt to Hold Robert Kraft’s Lawyers in Contempt

Watch: Robert Kraft’s Attorneys Appear in Court After Managing to Suppress Spa Video

It Looks Like Robert Kraft Is Going to Escape Unscathed from Prostitution Bust

Top 3 Takeaways from Crucial Ruling That Blocked Salacious Spa Video of Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft Gets Huge Win: Judge Blocks Spa Video, Says Evidence Was Illegally Obtained

Robert Kraft’s Lawyers Urge the Judge to Slap ‘Desperate’ State Prosecutors with Sanctions

‘Unfounded Potshots’: Robert Kraft’s Lawyers Fire Back at Prosecutors’ ‘Desperate’ Contempt Threat

‘I Have Video of You Saying Stupid Sh*t’: Prosecutors Move to Hold Robert Kraft’s Attorneys in Contempt

More People Should Be Outraged By What Police Did to Catch Robert Kraft

Forensic Psychiatrist: Robert Kraft Has ‘Been Punished Enough’ Already

Robert Kraft’s Lawyers Attempt to Suppress Salacious Spa Video

Watch: Hearing on Whether Prosecutors Can Release Video in Kraft Prostitution Case

Watch: Robert Kraft Lawyers Try to Suppress Spa Video from Criminal Trial

Robert Kraft Scores: Judge Rules Massage Parlor Video Must Remain Under Wraps

Cops Arrest Woman Allegedly Seen with Robert Kraft in Spa Sex Video

Court Filing Says Robert Kraft Spa Video Has Leaked, Is Now For Sale

Judge Blocks Release of Robert Kraft Massage Parlor Footage

‘It’s Basically Pornography’: Robert Kraft’s Lawyers Have Seen the Massage Parlor Video and Don’t Want it Getting Out

Watch: Robert Kraft’s Attorneys Try to Hide Massage Parlor Videos from Public

Here’s How Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Is Trying to Keep Jurors from Seeing the Massage Parlor Video

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