religious freedom

Federal Judge Rules Ban on Conversion Therapy Doesn’t Violate First Amendment Rights

Trump Admin. Has Released Its Latest Bid At Using Religious Exemption Against the LGBTQ Community

ACLU Sues Trump Administration for Totally Distorting the Concept of ‘Discrimination’

Kavanaugh Statement in Religious Freedom Case Appears to Prove the Naysayers All Wrong

Conservative Justices Don’t Seem Pleased with Scalia’s Decision Against Religious Drug Use

Kavanaugh Bows Out As His Own Court Smacks Down Catholic Church

Anti-Vaccine Group Flips Out as NJ Lawmakers Tighten Religious Exemptions (WATCH)

DOJ Sues After Religious Nurse Says She Was Basically Forced to Vaccinate Herself

Court Revives Case of Man Who Claims Stuffed Animals are Vital for His Religion

Sessions Suggests Social Security Employees Can Refuse To Process LGBT Claims (VIDEO)

Why The Heck Was Jeff Sessions Hanging Out With This Group?

Trump’s Religious Freedom Order Doesn’t Look So Bad, But Only Because Old Draft Was Far Worse

President Trump Signs ‘Religious Liberty’ Executive Order, Weakens Johnson Amendment

Bill Allowing Adopting Agencies to Refuse Gay Couples Becomes Law

Trump is About to Release His ‘Religious Freedom’ Order, and It’s Looking Awful

Trump Eyeing Clinton Special Prosecutor Ken Starr for State Dept Job, Report Says

Videographers Sue State Because They Don’t Want to Film Gay Weddings

‘I’m Not Going to Certify Sin’: Man Suspended After Refusing to Watch LGBT Inclusion Video

SCOTUS Sends Back Obamacare Religious Exemption Case in Hopes of Compromise

Mississippi Gov. Signs Anti-LGBT Religious Liberty Bill into Law

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