racial slur

Governor Demands Resignation of Judge Who Admitted Calling Sheriff’s Deputy the N-Word

Murder Conviction Overturned After Juror Used N-Word During Deliberations

‘You Will Not Take My Child’: Texas Woman Allegedly Left Baby in Car Outside of a Club, Shouted N-Word at Cop

New York City Cop Files Lawsuit After Black Parking Attendant Called Him A ‘N*gger’

Police: Man Yelled Racial Slurs Before Machete Attack

Black Judge Tells Alleged Hate Crime Suspect: ‘Keep it to Yourself’

PC Hysteria? Professor Uses Racial Slur in Retelling Event, Subjected to 4-Month Probe

AUDIO: Someone Said ‘Black Lives Matter, My Ass’ and ‘Typical F—ing N—ers’ over Police Dispatch

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