DOJ Argues Harvard’s Consideration of Race in Admissions Process Is Unconstitutional

Files Appear to Show Gerrymandering Specialist Unconstitutionally Used Race Data to Draw Voting Maps

4th Grade Assignment Asked Students to Give 3 ‘Good’ Reasons for Slavery

Liberal College Tried to Destroy Family Bakery over Arrest of Three Black Students, Lawsuit Says

White Cheerleaders Investigated After Screaming: ‘F-*k N-**ers’ Over And Over (VIDEO)

Principal On Leave After Complaints of Racist Facebook Post About Lynching

The DOJ’s Absurd Move to Drum Up Support From… White People

A Police Officer Wore This ‘White Power’ T-Shirt to Court, and People are Outraged

‘Why Are N—–s Black?’ Student Investigated for Allegedly Altering School Test With Racist Question

‘That’s Racist as Sh-t!’: Black Student Not Having it When White Teacher Defends Saying N-Word (WATCH)

Gubernatorial Candidate Called GOP Opponent ‘Cuckservative’

Man Allegedly Attacked ‘Saddam Hussein-Looking Guy’ in Hate Crime

African-American Gun Club Doubles Membership Since Trump Election

White Teacher Calls Students a Bunch of Broke ‘N—rs’ Who Will Get Shot

Prosecutor Charges Man Who Allegedly Wrote ‘Kill All White Cops’ on Facebook

Video: Woman Stomps on Man for Alleged Racial Slurs

White Man Acquitted for Attacking Black Judge ‘Rosa Parks’

State Rep. Candidate Says School District’s ‘No Dreadlocks’ Dress Code Is ‘Racist’

O.J.: Made in America Attempts to be the Most Comprehensive Simpson Documentary Yet

Yale Students Seek to Abolish ‘Oppressive’ Courses That Include White Poets Like Shakespeare

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