Police Digitally Remove African-American Suspect’s Tattoos for Photo Lineup

Patriot Prayer Leader Joey Gibson Charged With Felony Rioting

Outbreak of Violence in Portland Sparks Proposal to Ban Masked Protesting

Antifa Activists Beat Down Liberal Protester for Holding American Flag (WATCH)

Mayor Gives Heated Response to Claim He Told Cops to Stand Down During Anti-ICE Protests

ICE Workers Union Says Mayor Created ‘Zone of Terror’ By Keeping Police Away from Protest

‘Microagressions are Real!’: Law Students Awkwardly Chant, Sing to Drown Out ‘Fascist’ Speaker

Twitter Shames Portland Police After Dept Tweets Photo of Kids In Riot Gear

Man Accused in Portland Stabbings Targets Victim in Outburst

Man Allegedly Stole Portland Stabbing Victim’s Wedding Ring and Backpack (VIDEO)

Alleged Portland Killer Ranted Night Before About Being Pepper-Sprayed, Woman Says

Only Fraction of More Than 100 Arrested for Protesting Trump Actually Voted

Portland Cops Arrest 26 Anti-Trump Protesters for Rioting

School Board Bans Textbooks That Doubt Climate Change

Is That a 2-Ft Long Python In Your Pants? For This Thief, Actually, Yes

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