police shooting

Judge Reinstates Cop Who Fired 15 Shots Through Windshield, Killed Man During Traffic Stop

Trump-Appointed Judge: ‘If We Want to Stop Mass Shootings, We Should Stop Punishing Police Officers’

Mississippi City Argued Cops Who Shot Undocumented Immigrant Couldn’t Have Violated Constitution

The Inconvenient Truth About Trump-Appointed U.S. Attorney’s Outrage Over Shooting of 6 Philadelphia Cops

Why There’s Still No Warrant Out for Dallas Cop Who Killed Man in His Apartment

Jury Gives Grieving Family $5 in Wrongful Death Suit After Deputy Shot Their Son

Cop Who Killed Suspect Just Got $344k Payout from Employer

Video of Fmr Officer Michael Slager Killing Unarmed Black Man Scrutinized Again

Philando Castile’s Girlfriend Reaches Settlement over Police Shooting

Fears Grow FBI Using New ‘Black Identity Extremist’ Classification as Guise to Profile

Warrant: Woman “Slapped” Squad Car Before Police Shooting

Officer: Partner Fired Fatal Shot Moments After Loud Sound

Body Cameras Turned Off In Fatal Police Shooting Of Bride-To-Be

Wounded Cop Files Lawsuit Accusing Black Lives Matter of Inciting Violence

Killer In NYPD Shooting Harbored Anti-Police Sentiments, Posted On Social Media Prior To Attack

Unclear If Ex-Cop Ray Tensing Will Face Third Trial For Fatal Shooting of Black Man

Witness Says She Heard A Gunshot Before Sam Dubose’s Car Moved

WATCH: Police Officer Ray Tensing Murder Trial Jury Selection

Hearing Over Media Access To Ray Tensing Police Shooting Trial

Officer’s Attorneys Want Castile Gun Permit Evidence Omitted

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