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O.J. Simpson Is Joining Twitter, and People Are Freaking Out

‘Bring It On’: OJ Simpson Lawyer Dismisses Judith Regan’s Claim of Defamation

10 Most Shocking Details from O.J. Simpson’s ‘Hypothetical’ Confession

Fox Finally Releases ‘Shocking’ OJ Simpson Interview About the Murders

‘Kindly Piss Off’: Radio Show Host and OJ Lawyer Fight It Out over Threat Against Simpson

O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Is Still Trolling the Goldmans, and It’s Raising Serious Ethical Concerns

In Heated Twitter Exchange, O.J. Simpson Attorney Compares Fred Goldman to ‘Plantation Master’

Florida AG Says She Won’t Accept O.J. But He Might Go Anyway

O.J. Simpson Out of Prison After 9 years for Armed Robbery

O.J.’s Release Could Be Delayed Due to Media Frenzy

O.J.’s Lawyer Reveals His Post-Prison Plans

O.J. Simpson Will Be Released From Prison as Soon as Monday

If This Bill Had Passed Earlier, OJ Simpson Probably Wouldn’t Be Released on Parole

O.J. Simpson Had a ‘Conflict-Free Life’? Not really.

Fmr OJ Lawyer Defends Simpson, Blasts CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin

OJ’s Plan When He’s Released? Visit Nicole’s Grave, Friend Says

‘The Juice Is Loose’: Twitter Goes Nuts After OJ Simpson Paroled

Board Grants Parole to OJ Simpson Following Hearing

OJ Simpson Pretty Much Did Everything Wrong, Passing Blame, Losing His Cool During Parole Hearing

Goldman Family Attorney Has Message for OJ: ‘This is His Moment to Repent!’

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