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O.J. Simpson says there is reasonable doubt in Murdaugh murder case


“From what I’ve seen, do I think it’s more likely that he did it? Yes,” O.J. Simpson said in a tweet. “But more likely equals reasonable doubt.”

The man whose murder case arguably made live trial tracking a great obsession among the public tweeted his opinion about the Alex Murdaugh trial Thursday.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. His 1994 trial has often been called the “trial of the century” because it was said to be the most publicized trial in history at that point in time — you probably remember his Ford Bronco police pursuit that was watched live on television by more than 95 million people.

“I watched him take the stand,” Simpson said about Murdaugh in his tweet. “I thought it would probably be a mistake because the guy is an admitted liar.”

From left to right: Maggie, Paul and Alex Murdaugh.

Alex Murdaugh is accused of killing his wife, Maggie, and youngest son, Paul, in an effort to cover-up or re-direct investigators away from his admitted financial crimes.

Simpson said he believes Murdaugh took the stand to relate to one or two of the jurors that he was a “good ole’ boy,” and admits “lying and stealing is a little different than murder.”

The former football star continued with, “I’m not qualified to really say if the guy did it or he didn’t do it,” then adds “From what I’ve seen, do I think it’s more likely that he did it? Yes. But more likely equals reasonable doubt. So from what I know, I’d have to say there is a lot of reasonable doubt there.”

Simpson says he’s confident that Murdaugh will go to jail at some point due to all of the financial crimes he admitted to on the stand, but in regards to the murder charges, it “wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he beats this. I’m just saying.”

In an interesting turn of events, Simpson said “I think he should be looked at more for the death of his housekeeper a few years ago where he ended up with over 4 million dollars of the insurance money. I think they should take a hard look at that.”

Gloria Satterfield appears in an obituary photograph

Gloria Satterfield died under suspicious circumstances in 2018.

The housekeeper in question, Gloria Satterfield, used to work for the Murdaugh family. She allegedly tripped and fell down the stairs at their South Carolina home in 2018 and later died. Before the incident, Alex allegedly took out commercial insurance and collected more than $4.3 million from the claim he made related to her death.

In September 2022, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) announced in a press release they would be opening a criminal investigation into her death:

“Based upon a request from the Hampton County Coroner earlier today, as well as information gathered during the course of our other ongoing investigations involving Alex Murdaugh, SLED is opening a criminal investigation into the death of Gloria Satterfield and the handling of her estate,” the press release said.

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