‘No Charged Underlying Crime’: Former FBI Linguist Indicted for Obstruction

Mueller Prosecutors May Not Have Been as Much of a Locked Box as ‘Generally Believed’

MUELLER REPORT: All the Trump ‘Episodes’ Examined in Obstruction of Justice Probe

With Mueller Report Coming with ‘Minimal Redactions,’ Legal Expert Predicts What Dems Will Want Next

Trump Not So Subtly Hints at New Obstruction Defense

Prof: Trump Far More Vulnerable to Obstruction Charge in Stormy Daniels Case than Russia Probe

Harvard Law Prof: Obstruction Alone Won’t Be Enough to Remove Trump from Office

Fmr Trump Ethics Lawyer: The President’s Flynn Tweet Is An Admission No Matter Who Wrote It

Fmr White House Lawyer: Trump’s Attorney ‘Should Be Disbarred’ For Incriminating Flynn Tweet

Fmr White House Lawyer: Trump Tweet Against Papadopoulos May Be Obstruction of Justice

Shia LaBeouf Agrees To Counseling, Fines After Expletive-Filled Arrest

Here’s What Could Damage President Trump When James Comey Testifies

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