Federal Judge Stops Trump Admin’s Birth Control Rules from Taking Effect with Nationwide Injunction

House Democrats Are Getting Ready for Another Obamacare Fight

Here’s How Trump’s Tax Plan Delivered Quite A Blow to Obamacare

Cities Sue Trump over ‘Relentless Campaign’ to Gut Obamacare

‘Like Some Kind of Sick Joke’: Dem Blasts Health Sec Who Supported DOJ’s Decision Not to Defend Obamacare

The Government Just Agreed to Gut Obamacare and Three DOJ Lawyers Don’t Seem to Be Happy About It

Unless Court Gets Creative, New Lawsuit Could Spell the End of Obamacare

Obamacare Rates To Jump 27% Next Year In Michigan Alone

Trump Repeatedly Claims Obamacare No Longer Exists (WATCH)

GOP Senator Yawns As Disabled Healthcare Protesters Are Hauled Away By Police

GOP Attempts To Bribe Alaska Senator By Letting Her State Keep Obamacare

Kushner Company Fought Obamacare Repeal

Trump’s Smooth Brain Isn’t Helping the GOP’s Health Care Pitch

Senate Dems Will ‘Grind Chamber to a Halt’ Over GOP Healthcare Bill

GOP Senator’s Bill Competes with House’s AHCA

House Passes Obamacare Repeal Bill

Report Predicts Up to 10 Million Will No Longer Have Insurance Under Proposed Obamacare Replacement

Draft of GOP Obamacare Bill Removes Individual Mandate, Income-Based Discounts

Lawmakers Expand Attorney General Powers to Resist Trump

Maryland Lawmakers Expand AG Powers Due to Trump

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