Neal Katyal

Supreme Court Lawyer Scorches Devin Nunes’s Opening Statement: ‘He’s Like a Bad High School Football Coach’

Former Acting U.S. Solicitor General Makes Bold Prediction About Trump’s 2020 Election Prospects

Former Acting U.S. Solicitor General: Mulvaney Admitted to ‘Textbook Definition of Impeachable Offense’

Fmr. Solicitor General on Ukraine Texts: ‘You Can Literally Litigate For Decades & Never See Something in Writing As Damning’

‘Tremendously Underqualified’: Fmr. Solicitor General Bashes Trump Judges

Writer of Special Counsel Regs: Mueller’s Obstruction ‘Road Map’ Is ‘Devastating’ for Trump

Lawyer Who Wrote the Special Counsel Regs: William Barr Has Been Making it Up as He Goes Along

Fmr Acting U.S. Solicitor General: Did Trump Hire Anyone ‘Who Wasn’t Lying and Committing Crimes?’

Former Acting Solicitor General Suggests Trump Could Get Longer Prison Sentence Than Cohen

‘Illegal, Unheard of, Highly Suspicious’: Where Is Matthew Whitaker’s Financial Disclosure Form?

Fmr Obama DOJ Official: The List of People Who Can Sue Over ‘Fake Attorney General’ Appointment Is ‘Endless’

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Writes Scathing Op-Ed Saying Trump’s Interim AG Pick Is ‘Illegal’

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