national emergency

For Second Time This Week, Judge Blocks Trump’s Use of Military Funds to Build Border Wall

Marine Corps Commandant Slams Trump in Leaked Memos for Deploying Troops to Border, Emergency Declaration

House Puts GOP Senators in Career-Defining Moment with Resolution Against Emergency Declaration

CNN’s Kate Bolduan: Isn’t Trump Possibly Being a Russian ‘Asset’ the Real National Emergency?

Alan Dershowitz Finally Disagreed with Trump About Something

Lawsuit Against Trump’s National Emergency Immediately Throws His Own Words Back in His Face

Impeachment Expert: 5 Reasons People Need to Stop Saying Trump Should Be Removed Over Emergency Order

WH Reportedly Warned Trump of ‘High Litigation Risk’ with Emergency Declaration, and the Legal Storm is Already Brewing

Fmr White House Lawyer: Trump Would Have ‘Two Strikes Against Him’ in State of Emergency Due to Admin’s Border Comments

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