Marc Kasowitz

Trump Lawyer Claims Sex Assault Accuser Just Wants to ‘Harass’ President with Lawsuit

Here’s the Report Card for All of Trump’s Attorneys (And It’s Not Looking Good)

In Court, Trump’s Attorney Claims Accuser Summer Zervos Was Tool to Elect Clinton

First Trump’s Kids and Now Weinstein: The Manhattan DA Keeps Letting The Rich And Powerful Walk

Leader of Firm that Defended Trumps Donated to DA During Investigation

Seriously?! Another Trump Lawyer Falls for Online Troll, and Goes on Nasty Tirade

‘Watch Your Back, B*tch’: Trump Lawyer Kasowitz Unleashes on Critic in Emails

Trump’s Lawyer Gives White House Aides Terrible Legal Advice — Bar Complaints Come Rolling In

‘This Guy is Going to Get You’: Trump’s Lawyer Warned President About Preet Bharara, Report Says

What The Heck is Trump’s Personal Lawyer Doing Filing a Complaint With Trump’s Justice Department?

Team Trump’s Plan to Go After Comey Sounds a Lot Like Illegal ‘Retaliation’

Trump Attorney Reportedly to File Complaint Against Comey Leak, but on What Grounds?

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