Malcolm LaVergne

Now That OJ Simpson Is on Twitter, His Lawyer Seems Hell-Bent on Trolling Kim Goldman

O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Says I Told You So After Avenatti’s Arrest: ‘Aveshitty Is No Good’

O.J.’s Lawyer: ‘F***ing Moron’ Roger Stone Has Already Driven His Lawyers ‘Insane’

OJ Simpson’s Lawyer Brands Avenatti as ‘Aveshitty,’ Says Trump Is ‘Too Nice’

O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Reacts to Feinstein-Kavanaugh Showdown: ‘She Set Him Up Good!’

O.J. Lawyer Claims Judith Regan Wrote Hypothetical Murder Story, Not Simpson

‘Kindly Piss Off’: Radio Show Host and OJ Lawyer Fight It Out over Threat Against Simpson

O.J. Simpson Threatens To Sue Las Vegas Hotel For $100 Million

O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Is Still Trolling the Goldmans, and It’s Raising Serious Ethical Concerns

Why Does O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Continue to Bash Goldmans on Twitter?

O.J.’s Lawyer Goes Nuts on ‘Greedy Goldmans’ for Going After Money They Won in Lawsuit

‘It’s an Incident I Anticipated’: O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Discusses His Client’s Hotel Ban

O.J.’s Lawyer Goes Off on TMZ Founder and His ‘Exploited Child Labor Staff’ After Vegas Report

O.J. Simpson Lawyer Calls Florida AG ‘Stupid B—‘

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