Lisa Page

Now We Know Who Decided to Release Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s Text Messages

Lisa Page: Trump’s Rally Claim That I Needed Restraining Order Against Strzok Is a Flat-Out ‘Lie’

Peter Strzok Should Sue Trump for Defamation and Push Back Against Presidential Immunity

Lisa Page Sues FBI and DOJ Over Invasion of Privacy: ‘It Was Illegal’

OIG Report Reveals FBI Agents’ Anti-Clinton, Pro-Trump Messages: ‘Start Looking for New Jobs Fellas’

Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Reacts to IG Report, Slams Trump for Accusing Her of Treason

Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Says Vulgar Last Straw Led to Her Speaking Publicly

Former FBI Lawyer: Wire-Wearing, 25th Amendment Were Part of a ‘List’ of Possible Responses to Comey’s Firing

William Barr Made Some Big Promises to Lindsey Graham, Including a Strzok/Page Investigation

Here Are the Top 3 Most Head-Scratching Errors in Giuliani’s Tweet About Missing FBI Texts

Two Significant Findings in the Inspector General’s Report on Missing Strzok-Page Texts

Lisa Page Could Face Serious Consequences for Ignoring House Subpoeana as House Leader Vows Action

IG Report Everyone’s Been Waiting for Shows Peter Strzok Sent ‘We’ll Stop’ Trump Text

FBI to Have Strzok and Page Preserve Records on Personal Devices as Part of FOIA Lawsuit

Comey’s FBI Knew About Clinton Emails One Month Before Alerting Congress

Fewer Than 10 Percent of the Strzok-Page Text Messages Have Been Provided to Congress

DOJ Inspector General Finds Missing Text Messages Between FBI Agent, Attorney

Text Indicates FBI Agent Strzok Doubted There was Trump Collusion from the Beginning

Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok Privately Disparaged Bernie Sanders In Texts To Alleged Mistress

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