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Making a Murderer Attorney Allegedly Contacted Woman He Was Acquitted of Stalking

‘Are You Afraid of Me Now?’: Clerk Alleges Creepy Encounter with Making a Murderer Attorney

Watch Live: Making a Murderer Attorney on Trial for Allegedly Stalking Clerk

Two Charges Dropped Against Making a Murderer Attorney, But Stalking Accusation Remains

‘Making a Murderer’ Defense Attorney Charged with Felony Stalking

Famous ‘Making a Murderer’ Attorney Just Got Booked in Jail

Brendan Dassey’s Former Lawyer Says He Shouldn’t Be Let Out of Jail

Here’s How Brendan Dassey’s Case Ended at the Supreme Court

Fmr Brendan Dassey Attorney Is Now a Judge Facing Restraining Order from His Clerk

‘Making a Murderer’ Attorney with Cancer Says Fans Told Him to Die

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