Kansas Is So Determined to Circumvent Court’s Abortion Ruling That It’s Willing to Rewrite State Constitution

Federal Judge Holds Entire US Attorney’s Office in Contempt of Court

Kansas Taxpayers Paid Trump Lawyer’s Firm More Than $396,000 to Lose Case Against Planned Parenthood

Kansas Supreme Court Issues Major Abortion Ruling

Lawmakers Try to Ban Gay Marriage by Saying LGBT Community Is Religious ‘Denominational Sect’

Looks Like ‘Someone’ Is Trying to Fool People into Getting Kris Kobach Elected

Defense Wants Trump Voters in Jury For Trial of White Men Accused of Plotting to Bomb Mosque

Kansas Teacher Barred From Training Because She Boycotts Israel

Police On Lookout for Serial College Rapist On the Loose for 17 Years

Federal Prosecutors Spied on over 700 Defense Lawyers, Investigator Says

Witnesses: Bar Gunman Shouted ‘Get Out of My Country’

Senators Demand Answers After Undocumented Immigrant Deported 10 Times is Accused of Raping Teen

FBI Says Man Robbed Bank Because He’d Rather Go to Jail than be Home With His Wife

State Court Issues Three Sex Offender Opinions, Overrules Them Same Day

Victim’s Husband Sues Gun Sellers After Kansas Jewish Center Shootings

Anti-Gun Protesters Kicked out of Lawmaking Session

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