judicial watch

Federal Court Rules Hillary Clinton Must Sit for Deposition About Her Use of Private Server

Bar Complaint Filed Against Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyers

‘It Was a Lie’: Judge Blasts State Dept for Providing ‘Clearly False’ Information About Clinton Emails

Elections Chief Asks Conservative Group if They’re Working with the Russians and They Are NOT Happy

Conservative Watchdog Head Claims He Was ‘Shadowbanned’ on Twitter After Trump Mentioned Him

Money That Paid for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Trips Could Easily Fund Two Years Worth of Mueller Investigation

Judge: DOJ Ignored Demands Regarding Obama Admin Links to Clinton Campaign

FBI to Have Strzok and Page Preserve Records on Personal Devices as Part of FOIA Lawsuit

DOJ Considering Releasing Redacted Portions of Rosenstein Memo

Watchdog Group: Newly Released Clinton Emails Show She Knew Security Risks On Home Server

Fmr White House Attorney: FBI Email Undermines Jeff Sessions’ Story About Foreign Contacts

Conservative Watchdog Sues DOJ to Learn Why Infamous Russian Lawyer Was In the U.S.

State Dept Admits There are 40,000 Pages of Clinton Emails They Haven’t Even Looked At

Watchdog Group Sues to Learn How Much $ Spent on Mueller Probe

Wait, What? Trump Officials Oppose Conservative Group in Their Case Seeking Clinton Emails

Watchdog Group Files Lawsuits to Get Records of McCabe, Wife’s Ties to Democrats

Lawsuit Seeks to Force DOJ to Release Documents About Meeting Between Clinton and Lynch

Clinton Email Case Back On; Court Says More Could Have Been Done to Turn Over Messages

Muhammad Ali’s FBI File Released After Conservative Group’s Lawsuit

Judicial Watch Moves to Unseal Deposition Video of Huma Abedin and Others

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