Judge T.S. Ellis

Judge Won’t Be Sanctioned for ‘Embarrassing’ Treatment of Team Mueller During Manafort Trial

Robert Mueller Completely Dismantles Paul Manafort’s Best Arguments for a Reduced Sentence

Judge T.S. Ellis Is Back and Ready to Haunt Paul Manafort’s Suit-Wearing Dreams

‘Highly Unusual’: Judge T.S. Ellis Suspicious of Manafort’s Plea Deal With Mueller

Judge T.S. Ellis Just Gave Mueller a Whole Lot More Time to Decide on What to Do with Paul Manafort

One Juror Needs Deliberations to End Early in Paul Manafort Trial

Manafort Mystery: Judge Will Unveil Sealed Evidence at End of Case ‘With One Exception’

‘Mr. Trump, You’re Here For What?’ Jury Deliberations Kick Off with Odd Moment in Manafort Courtroom

This Is What Attorneys Spent Hours Arguing About at the Manafort Trial

Judge Ellis’ Latest Admonition Forces Mueller to Take Drastic Action in Manafort Case

Judge Ellis Loses Patience with Mueller Prosecutors and Ends Court Early Over Screw-Up

Manafort Trial Day 3: Bank Fraud, More Forged Invoices and ‘Red Flowers Shaped Like an M’

‘I Said That’s Enough’ The Education of Robert Mueller’s Attorneys Went Far Beyond Talk of Suits

All The Juicy Tidbits on Paul Manafort’s Second Day of Trial

Paul Manafort’s Top Five Legal Screw-Ups (Pre-Trial Edition)

Legal Experts Say Manafort Could Be Cutting Plea Deal as Judge Suddenly Delays Proceedings

Judge to Manafort: Don’t Worry, the Jail You’re Going to Knows How to Handle Terrorists, Traitors and Spies

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