Jerrold Nadler

Judiciary Committee Invites Trump and His Lawyers to Impeachment Hearings

Top 5 Takeaways from House Democrats’ Impeachment Resolution Against President Trump

‘Time Is Running Out’: House Dems Hope to Reach Mueller Subpoena Decision This Week

Don McGahn’s Former Chief of Staff Agrees to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

Democrats Warn Don McGahn for the Last Time: Show Up or Be Held in Contempt

In Response to Contempt Threat, Barr Will Recommend Trump Assert Executive Privilege

Nadler: I Believe Trump Obstructed Justice, Barr ‘Consistently Misled’ Public

‘All Part of the White House’s Cover-Up’: Fmr Watergate Prosecutor Says AG Barr Gave Trump Intel from Mueller Report

Rep. Nadler Repeatedly Assailed ‘Dark Money in Politics,’ But Will Give Private Briefing to Liberal Dark Money Group

GOP Rep Who Voted to Make Mueller Report Public 20 Days Ago Says Subpoena of Full Report Is ‘Reckless’

Dem Rep. Nadler, 20 Years Ago: If Clinton Committed Obstruction It’s Not Impeachable

Dem Leaders Already Hinting at Possible Trump Impeachment After Summary of Mueller Report

Trump Org Complains About Impeachment Threats, Demands House Democrats ‘Cease and Desist’

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